Blue Chip Recruiting Services

Blue Chip Recruiting Services offers the most extensive college recruiting expertise that you will find. The Director- Hugh Hernesman- has 22 years of college coaching experience and 5 years of club coaching experience. These years of experience have helped to build an incredibly strong network of college head and assistant coaches. These personal connections will help sort through the confusing and complicated “game” of recruiting. Hugh’s time as a college coach and recruiter has given him the firsthand knowledge of how the real recruiting process works- helping to decipher what exactly the communication means when coming from these college programs.


The mission of Blue Chip is to guide athletes and families in the complex world of college recruiting. We firmly believe that there is an excellent college fit for every athlete that strives to play at the collegiate level.


  • Email– We will offer templates that can be personalized
  • Video– How to structure and individual review of video content
  • Phone calls
    • Blue Chip will “coach” athletes on how and when to make calls to coaches.
    • Coach Hugh will also be the liaison between you and the coaches. NCAA rules can be complicated for those that have not directly been working within those guidelines. These personal phone calls from Coach Hugh can make the difference in getting “real” information to and from college coaches and help narrow down your college list.
  • Education– We will offer recruiting seminars and educational sessions to develop checklists, timetables and learn what families need to know about NCAA rules.


Blue Chip Recruiting Services are offered to all Skyline athletes that are interested in playing at the collegiate level.


Believe it or not, colleges start evaluating potential student-athletes as early as the 8th grade. Collegiate volleyball has one of the most advanced recruiting timelines and families need to be prepared to begin early in their careers. That being said, it is NEVER too late for an athlete to find a good college fit. There are hundreds of athletes that find great college programs during their junior and senior years of high school.