Setter U: Final 2018 Session

Setter U’s 1st two sessions have been a huge success and we have see major gains in just a couple months. We’re very excited to be starting our final 5-week session for 2018 on Sunday, November 11th. Setter U  is Jacksonville Skyline’s setter training academy which will be lead by Jacksonville Skyline Co-Director Hugh Hernesman. Coach Hugh has been training setters for 20 years- 18 of those years at the collegiate level. Among many accolades, he has trained two AVCA All-Region setters and two AVCA All-American setters.

Setting is one of the most under-taught and under-trained skills at the youth level. It involves a large amount of technical instruction on top of a high number of productive repetitions. Setter U offers specialized setter training for both beginners and advanced setters once a week on Sunday afternoons. Go to the Setter U page to learn more or sign up HERE.